A New Medication Experience for Residents of Pennsylvania.

All of your medications and supplements in presorted packages.

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Your NewPillBox will arrive in a convenient dispenser with easy to read labels and directions.


Your medications and supplements are organized by day and time in easy tear pouches.

Perfect Timing

Your pills come presorted based on when you take them during the day.

No Extra Cost

We believe as your pharmacy it’s our responsibility to help keep you healthy and stay on track!

Free Delivery/Mail Out

Outside of the area? No problem, we will mail it to you at no cost to you!

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Shipped to any doorstep in Pennsylvania


Let’s face it, medications are confusing.

  • More than 50% of patients admit they don’t take their medications as prescribed.
  • Non adherence to medications is the 3rd leading cause of preventable death.
  • Juggling prescription bottles and sorting medications takes precious time away from your day.

Your medications, all at once.

  • We will review your medications.
  • Make sure your medications don’t interact.
  • Synchronize them so they are all filled together at once, YES AT ONCE!

John Doe

(570) 209-7440

April 8

  • 1 Aspirin
  • 1 Celebrex
  • 1 Lisinopril



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“I’ve found that the feedback customers give after just a few months is… WOW! This is great, I love it, I can do things again.”

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